We know you need us to do your marketing. We also need you.


Our Cadabra experts know that having transparency with our clients and being on the same page at all times results in more successful companies. To ensure that this happens, we create a brief for every client that we constantly update throughout the process. 


The client brief first starts with compiling the company’s information, products, audience, marketing goals, and any other questions that will result in the more accurate use of the marketing budget. This is extremely important because who knows your business better than you? When clients express their needs and we write our thoughts down, we can brainstorm what type of campaign will be best for the end users - the consumers.


Our secret is to always think from the perspective of the consumers and what will be best for them. From there we backtrack and create our campaigns, tracking all of our progress and steps that we have taken in the brief so that you see what we are doing and work with us to create the best campaign.


Lastly, we will write any other insights that we may have for you to improve your business so that consumers will be more inclined to you. We will set clear KPIs so we can follow up on the progress, and share the brief so that you can always stay on top of the full story.


Contact us today to get your brief started and see where we can take your business.

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