The best time to engage a user is when they are searching for a product or a service - as you might have the solution for the user's intention. Wondering how your Google Ads can appear when someone searches for a specific phrase? Google Ads campaign can help you do that!


When someone is searching for a need and your product or service might be the answer, you want your ads to appear. Through the use of excellent keywords, we are able to have clients see your ad when they need it. Keywords are words or phrases that match your ad with clients’ Google search terms. 


When choosing the best keywords to appear in your campaign, we consider search terms related to your product, terms to find your product, competitors terms, and previous keyword lists. We excel in choosing the best keywords to match your user’s intention -  what people will search for when your product or service can be a leading solution for them. This is extremely important because up to 92% of Google clicks are from the first page, with the first five results accounting for 67.6% of all clicks. However, not filtering the right keywords might result in spending your media budget on non-relevant searches. 

Get initial keywords research to understand your market potential and estimation of costs.

Conversion tracking | Smart campaign


A well-known catch-phrase in the old marketing industry was “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half” (John Wanamaker 1838-1922). 

That was true before online advertising came to life. Today, we can measure and know exactly what works and how well it works, so we can spend most of our budget in the most relevant channels.


The benefit of Google Ads is that they have a lot of special data features designed to help run and improve campaigns. With Google Ads, we can enable conversion tracking and see what customers did after interacting with your ad. Every campaign has a goal and we can define the goal of the ad then track if customers did what we defined. For example, we know if someone just clicked on the ad, clicked on the ad then looked at the website, or went on to make a purchase. Through conversion tracking, we are able to improve our campaigns based on what was not attracting the conversion.


After we have our conversion/goal and data on who made the conversion, we are able to run “Smart Campaigns” through Google. Based on our goal and the relevant conversion audience, Google sees the user’s data and discovers who is a typical buyer and then shows them relevant ads. The benefit is that we do not waste money on people who will not buy.


See how Google Ads can benefit your business and make the most of your ad campaign!

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