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To this day, the #1 step before a user closes the deal/makes the purchase is a well-segmented newsletter. 

Newsletters are personalized email campaigns sent out to a large audience. These work really well if you already have a lot of leads (contact information) of interested consumers and you would like to target segments of this group in a personalized way. If you don’t have a subscriber list but still would like to send out newsletter campaigns, don’t worry, we will help you create the relevant campaigns to obtain it.

A great tool that we use to run an ad campaign is Mailchimp. When creating our campaigns in Mailchimp, we first design the letter, segment your subscriber lists and choose the best audience. Then we review the optimal send time determined by users and trends research and select how we would like our emails to be sent out - whether that be triggers such as subscriptions or purchases. Afterward, we analyze reports on the results of the campaign such as the open and click rates and separate audiences based on who opened the email. This allows us to optimize your campaign by improving the designs/text and retargeting audiences. 


Additionally, our newsletter campaigns use API and Plugins to integrate subscribers from many sources. For example, when a person gives their email through your website or Facebook, their information will automatically be added to the subscriber list on MailChimp. From this subscriber list, we can create separate audiences for campaigns and also for other platforms such as Facebook.


Find out how newsletters can be your next key to success and increase your sales.

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