Market size potential | Competition analysis | SWOT  

You can’t create a good converting ad without first having information. We can’t either.


Before creating an Ad campaign, it is extremely important to do research as this will help make decisions like whom to target and what words to use. The first research to be done is on the market size potential. This refers to the size of the market, how much of the market you currently have, and how much you can grow to have. Market size potential is important so we know what audience we should target.


The second research type is competition analysis. Researching competitors and seeing their ads is very helpful to make your own companies ads. We are able to see the tactics that competitors use then compare your campaign to your competitors to make it better than theirs.


The next research type is the SWOT analysis. To understand where a company stands in the industry, a SWOT analysis can be used to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats. This analysis is helpful in improving and growing businesses.


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