Campaign Structure

In many cases, most customers will not buy your product after seeing one ad. Or two. Or three.


Because seeing an ad once will not lead to sales, many ad campaigns require a multiple-step process known as the campaign structure. A campaign structure is essentially a funnel that starts with posting ads and ends with sales with many steps in between that help build user trust in your brand so that they buy the product. Before creating an ad campaign, we must first decide on the overall goal which will then dictate the campaign structure. 

For example, many clients want sales but we can not arrive straight there without first creating a sales funnel.


The basic sales funnel consists of investing money on advertisements every week to gain impressions (a user sees the ad). Then about 1% of users that see the ad will click on the ad and 30% of these people who clicked will engage with your landing page. From there, about half of the engaged users will generate leads (contact information) and about 4% of leads actually make a purchase. Therefore, the campaign might need to be the first set of ads that generate leads then a second set targeting the leads since you now know they are interested.


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