Website Building


Would you trust a business that you can not find on the internet? No, and neither would your clients. 


It is crucial for your company to have a website so that potential clients can easily find you and then learn about what you do. Websites help build credibility by showing what you offer and examples of what you have done in the past. Your website is the first contact that clients have with you and is therefore critical to do it right.


It is vital to put a lot of thought into what text is necessary to include on your website since consumers like to skim. You need to explain all the important aspects of your business and convey authority while still keeping the word length minimal. Because consumers are primarily drawn to pictures and visuals, selecting the right image for your website is also crucial. It is a great chance to show off the work you have done/your product and once again convey authority. 

The most important role that websites play in regards to advertising is the Pixel feature. When a user clicks on an ad and is taken to a website, a pixel begins to track them. This pixel is able to explain a user’s behavior and will tell Facebook and other platforms what the user did on the website in order to retarget them again.

Websites can always be improved, therefore, the key to success is to invest the right amount of resources and focus on the marketing “journey. The best way to start is with a template-based site and add good images and ideal text. The “ultimate vision” can cost a lot and may not be the best website to support your sales.


Contact us to get your “customer journey” started and discover what is the right site for your needs.



Have an online store but many different platforms and pages? Let us integrate your business and make your transition easier.


Many of our customers have eCommerce businesses and want to reach the largest amount of consumers. However, to do this they had created different landing pages and platforms for users to shop. After a while, this can be difficult and unorganized to manage many sites.


At Cadabra, we know how to organize all of your channels into one spot without interrupting your business. We can integrate your platforms to all lead to the same page and so that traffic on one platform will be connected to the others.


Talk to our experts today and let us make your transition easier.

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