“How much should a lead cost?

If you think Social Medias are supersaturated with Ads and Campaigns, you are right!


With the big boost of online marketing in the last decade and the investments on Social Media and Native Platforms as main source of conversion led companies to extremely competitive marketing reality.


It's a fact that creating audiences from LookAlike is the easiest way to get relevant leads, but, what to do when you need to find new relevant audiences from scratch? 

After A/B testing many different methods, Cadabra collected the most useful tactics.

Take our client Keren Hayesod as an example.

Founded in 1920, Keren Hayesod - United Israel Appeal requested Cadabra to help them grab the attention of a new audience, willing to become the next generation of donors.

This ongoing project required an unprecedented amount of daily tests to find their right target audience, build an incredible story for their causes that would make people fall in love with them, and "re-sell" their proposals, presenting as originals. 

How Cadabra Managed to Collect Relevant Leads From Scratch at a Market Lower Price


Their KPI’s were clear: get new donors.

Cadabra strategy included KPI’s and KPI’s predictors, which is the long-term relationship you must have with your future goal (in their case, KH’s future donors).


Here is the KPI’s measurements:


  1. Engaged Users > Signups (Predictor)

  2. Online and Offline Volunteering (Money Equivalent)

  3. Donations and Monthly Donations (Money)

After A/B different Ads and Audiences, we achieved:

$0.78 per conversion;
$0.04 per 75% of Video Views;

$0.08 Engagement with our Niche Content.

The average donation in our campaigns is $24.


The essence is always in the story!

This client had different audiences, with completely distinct behaviors. We used all the audiences, and dedicate unique content to each one of them.


In order to remain consistent, Cadabra created two new “sub-brands”, using different languages and approaches of communication, without changing KH’s proposals and ideals.


91% more donations than expected, using only 72% of the budget bound to that.



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