“I have too many competitors! HOW do i STAND OUT?”

First things first: having many competitors usually means that your product sells; therefore, the SEARCH for this product should probably be massive!


All you need to do is to ensure that your product will stand out and make it to the top of the research results, and this is the part where we can help you through it! Here are a couple of tips to start:

A: You will ALWAYS have to A/B test EVERYTHING. Sometimes, you might build the best Ad the world has ever seen, with a beautiful, authentic design, incredible Nobel-prize-winning message, and a text that would make Shakespeare jealous… However, the most successful ad, after running tests, is going to be a blurry cat with a hat, and the simple text “buy today - 50% off”, filled up with smiley face emojis. The point is: we NEVER know until we test it!


B: You and your audience probably have very different tastes. You might have to let go of your methods, a bit, and trust professional designs, copywriters and marketing specialists to work for you, respecting the consistency of your brand and language, of course.

Without further delay, let’s see this in practice with one of our client's example


Kono needed to sell their "golden" product. Even with a very accessible price and fitting the market expectations, they couldn't make a profit in any of their online platforms of social media.

Analyzing their previous strategy and execution, Cadabra knew precisely how to help and what to improve.

See How Kono's Story Can Also Help You to Make More Sales:


Our team understood that users were not engaged with the company previous' posts, since they would only showcase cold images, tending to promote the page as a sales page only, with no content their audience would appreciate read, interact or share.

Our intense research in relevant audiences and keywords revealed what the potential buyers were looking for:

- "Gaming Universe" References;
- "Nerd" and "Geek" characters;

- Interesting content about technology.


From that, before developing campaigns focused on a simple sale, we started to design campaigns and posts that would engage this audience, creating a relationship of reciprocity store-customers.


This helped to narrow their impressions to a relevant consumer audience, more likely to convert. It was also essential to gain the audience's trust and sympathy, facilitating the future sales phase.


Every design has an architect behind:


In less than 7 days, 10X more sales! From a Negative ROI to POSITIVE ONE!



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